Trying to achieve a textured carpeted look for a game

Hi everyone-

I’m looking to make a 2d platformer game based on oriental carpet designs, and an important part of the aesthetic will be in rendering a realistic carpet texture overlay on top of the background pixel art.

Was wondering if anyone could confirm whether it’s possible to achieve the look below- hopefully with decals, or perhaps with some kind of post-processing effect?

decal blends.jpg

The blendmode I’m using here is ‘linear light’ in photoshop, which I notice isn’t shown as an option in the docs…

…but I’m very new to Unreal and am not sure about what’s possible just yet.

Any advice about how to achieve such a look would be most welcome,

Cheers, and thanks!

Stu Tozer


Is there a reason you aren’t doing the combination in photoshop and using that as the final texture?

Otherwise, first thought is to do it as a post process effect using the above blend with the ‘carpet’ texture and postprocess0.
I’m unsure about decals.

Hi Dementiurge :slight_smile:

Reason is there will be characters/moving objects so if the texture is baked in, the texture will shift with the moving elements. I basically want everything except HUD elements underneath the carpet weave pattern, as so to have it appear that the carpet is animated.

I got this to work :slight_smile: Now I just need to solve the issue of having the texture appear as in worldspace, rather than as a camera projection…
Have found this thread,

Seems it would be much easier if I could simply apply the same kind of material to a large plane in the gameworld, but then we aren’t able to use the ‘scene texture’ node right?

Cheers :slight_smile:

You can try just adding camera position to the carpet UVs. You could scale that value first to control how fixed vs world space it is.

You can use multiple layers of masked textures. See here.