Trying out Third Party Plugin wizard, can't update MessageBox


I am interested in using some third party libraries in a custom plugin so I tried out the Third Party plugin creation wizard in a v4.22.1 C++ Basic Code unreal project. In ExampleLibrary.cpp that gets generated as part of the third party plugin wizard output, there is a message box that gets instantiated with “Hello World!” as the message parameter:

MessageBox(NULL, TEXT(“Hello World!”), NULL, MB_OK);

When I edit the text from “Hello World!” to something else and recompile the project, then close the editor and re-open, I get the same “Hello World!” message popup when the editor starts. The same thing happens when I package the plugin and add it to another project. I also tried opening the solution file "<project>\Plugins&lt;plugin name>\Source\ThirdParty&lt;plugin name>Library\ExampleLibrary.sln in Visual Studio directly, compiling, and then opening the editor, with the same result. What am I doing wrong?