True FPS woes...could I get some help on some basic things?

It’s easy enough to follow the tutorials and get a base TFPS system setup:

Weapon attached to right hand.
Camera attached to head.
Left hand attached to gun via Two bone IK.

easy enough…until you get into weapon handling systems such as:

  • Bullet origination and weapon orientation. Bullet is launched from barrel straight forward. Weapon must stay oriented towards the center of the screen spanning many distances.
  • Weapon shake. You cannot directly move the weapon since it is parented to right hand, which is controlled by animations.
  • Weapon sway. same as above.
  • Weapon jog “bobbing”. When handled by blendspaces, you get jerky transitions. You cannot make different weapons bob differently without creating more animations.
  • Weapon steadying. How to cancel out movement of weapon caused by idle animation
  • ADS. Move right hand via IK and move camera to an aim position…not too hard.

I thought TFPS seemed easier and more straight forward until I started looking into these types of things. When dealing with weapon handling systems, it feels like you’re constantly fighting with all of the character animations, which would require a large number of custom animations to handle every case.

In contrast, you can control all of this easily in a standard FPS system by procedurally translating the FPS setup (arms+gun) in various ways.

Could really use some input here. Am I over thinking this?