Trouble with the ART and the retargeting system

I am having a little bit of issues with the ART,
I created a rig, default settings, same as the blue guy rig settings, same bones name, same bones count, same Everything.
After importing it into UE4, I rotated the bones in the engine to test the skinning and that everything work properly, which it did.
After setting app the targeting manager to use the Humanoid skeleton, I re-targeted the blue guy run animation from the third person template, and I got weird results.

The materials are messed up which is fine (I just need to re-adjust the order), but as you can see the arms are random.
I exported the mesh from the engine to 3ds max and I verified the skinning, the skinning is fine, but the bones are moving correctly so I dunno.
Please help it has been 3 days that I have been trying to find a workaround
Thank you

Ok, I solved it, well a friend on facebook helped me, here what I did:
1- open the skeletal mesh and go the skeleton tab
2- check “show retargeting option” on top of the bone list
3- retarget translation options in bones list, set root to animation, pelvis/hips to animation scaled and rest to skeleton.
4- go the the retarget manager and save the pose
5- retarget the animation