Trouble with normal maps

So I have a huge mesh in our current scene and I"m not even sure the uvmapping is correct, just using complex as simple . No matter what material fiddling I do, I never get the depth I should given a material map IS part of the material, the same one my terrrain uses is what I"ve applied to this very big mesh, and the terrain looks excellent .

What am I missing ?

Thx anyone for some enlightenment .

One other thing to note that I wasn’t that clear about, is that I get no texture at all on the mesh, its just a solid golden tan , no texture at all no normal map, nadda.

Again , what would cause this ?

thx anyone

Can you show some screenshots of the UVs (you can see that by going to the mesh, it should be at the top), I’m pretty sure complex as simple is just for collision aswell.

If it is what I think it is, it’s definitely the UV unwrap.

Sorry about that, it does have UV’s autogenerated by importer, the collision was irrelevant.

Does the automated uvmap option not do a good enough job on complex meshes for texture /np’s to show up anywhere ?

I just noticed your sole developer in your comment, GL to you, I know the pains of going solo :frowning: :wink:


You probably need to set up your UV mapping beforehand rather than using an automatic method.

I"m going to go simple first and up it from there, but ya prob. so, mesh is too complex/big to do anything but a custom UV.

The bulk of my work has been perfecting landscape and modeling the main mesh for the scene, so this is semi new territory but necessary obviously.