Trouble with Multigate and destroying

Hello, so I’m new to Unreal and I’m trying something out for a class.

I have a sphere (ball) that when it goes through a volume (goal) I spawn a card with a score number on it. I have all of that running through Out 0 in the Multigate. That part works.

My problem comes when I want to replace that numbered score card with another one.

I was hoping this would do it

I thought this would destroy the newly spawned card, but I realized there was an issue. The card I needed to destroy was called 1_point_card_BP, but I see that when I spawned it in in the first place it was renamed to 1_point_card_BP44. Everytime I restart my level that BP44 just goes up to another number.

In total I’ll have 52 outputs for 52 different scores. As of now this is the only method i know on how to get this scoreboard to work.