Trouble with Low/Empty Magazine Indicator Widget (Using Event Tick for Start/Stop Animation)

I’m having trouble figuring out what’s the best way of having a reload and empty mag warning system for my HUD. I currently have the system below, but neither of the indicators are showing up. Is the constant tick events resetting the animation? Or is there a better way of testing this out? I tried a delay the length of the animation (1.0s each), but that just bugged out and always indicated an empty mag.

I’m thinking that I could have the firing mechanism check the magazine size and send a message to the hud somehow? I honestly don’t know what the best method would be.


Playing Delay in tick should work, the setup is maybe not the best as you can get the stop event before the delay is done.

You should probably make it into events and use Event Dispatchers.
Here is a Link:

Just found out the issue: the Event Construct had cast to Gun_Gatling instead of Gun_Parent, meaning that there was no LowMag boolean to grab thus no indicator was active. I’m not too sure as to why the empty indicator was always active, but now it works lol. I keep forgetting to look at the constructor event. Now to figure out how to have no delay in initially starting the animation