Trouble with Flipbook

Hi, I following this tutorial

and on video 3 we have a explanation how we can make movement on the Character with commands (like W,S,D,A), and on video 4 we can give movement life on the Character using Sprites and Flipbook on the Blueprint (Character) and when we get some movimente it’s all ok with the commands when we turn left him turn left and right-right jump normal idle too, the only thing is I have like 2 sprites pasted on with other one make normal moviment like on video 3 when Idle and moviment its is him have the IdleFlipbook moviment but dont run and the other it’s appear normaly have Idle but dont in the same time of the other and have Run/JumpFlipbook animations normal, I don’t know what happning or what error I make but I’m lost, I will set my Blueprint Character image (is 4 images) HERE and one of the game HERE to all see, it`s the same of on the video 8. If anyone need more information ask I will take a print.