Trouble setting up BitBucket Source Control [4.7.1]

Hello Answerhub,

I’m currently setting up a new project in UE 4.7.1 and wanted to set up Source Control from the get-go. I have a repository on Bit Bucket and wanted to link it to my Unreal project. It’s a Git repository, just not using GitHub.

However, when using the Source Control Login screen that’s now on the main dashboard within Unreal, I get the following error messages after pointing it towards my git binary:


Error error: invalid key: pager.Projects/

Error error: invalid key: alias.Projects/

Error git: ‘Projects/’ is not a git command. See ‘git --help’.

Error You should check out a working copy into your project directory.

Error Project is not part of a Git working copy.


My .git folder is one level above the project folder; that is to say, my Unreal Projects folder looks like this:



Have I set up my repository wrong? Should I have set it up inside my project’s folder instead of above it?


I’ve tested this internally and project directories do not need to contain the .git folder, they just need to be under a folder that does to be considered part of a working copy. However I have not been able to test this against BitBucket.

The error looks to be a mishandling of paths with spaces in it.

For the record, I tried one directory below my Unreal Projects directory (i.e. Unreal Projects/SubDir) as I already had Git working copy in a subdirectory. I’ll try to look into it some more and add a working copy for the whole Unreal Projects dir.

Thank you. Could you post back here or have it appear in the update patch notes if you manage to fix this issue?

Sure, no problem.

You wouldn’t happen to have made any progress on this?

The problem is in fact that my Git Plugin could not work correctly under OSX with UE4.7 (up to 4.7.3).

There was a bug in the Unreal Engine regarding the Mac Platform that I fixed a week ago :

That fix was merged onto master on commit 2196a60

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I read on another AH question you answered that this will be fixed for 4.8. Thanks for the information.

I had the same issue. Thanks for fixing.