Trouble reading GameState var on client


I could use a little help with setting up GameState because i can’t seem to figure out how to get the variable on the client side, it always returns like it’s not set at all.
I have a server that host’s the game and store match data in GameInstance, then it loads lobby map. This is where im trying to store match data to GameMode and GameInstance, and later show that data on a client’s widget.

GameMode, im setting MatchSettings that was previously set in GameInstance:

Pass that settings from GameMode to GameState:

Show match settings on server and client widget

It works fine for server, but when client joins it shows the settings as not set.
What am i doing wrong?
Im testing locally, i tried both standalone and PIE, same results.

Ok i managed to get it working by skipping the GameMode, im setting GameState directly from GameInstance. I don’t know if that is the right way and i haven’t found any working examples on how to use GameState but it seems that it’s working. Client can now see the replicated variable.

Yep, GameMode exists on the server only. That’s why you needed to bypass it.