Trouble packaging VR app for Android.

Hi folks,

as the title says i´m having trouble packaging a project.
When i package a project i get an unknown error at some point and the packaging fails.

I´m also getting a ton of “The system cannot find the path specified” in the outputlog.

I´ve read in other treads that this indicates a problem with SDK stuff. I´ve reinstalled Codeworks several times (without issues), but it didn´t help. Atm i got 1R4u2 installed. I ran into the same problems with 1R5 and 1R6 tho.

I´ve already checked for solutions suggested to people having the same issue, that´s why i´m opening a new thread.

You´ll find the outputlog attached to this post.
My PC runs on 64-bit Win7 Enterprise.

If you need any more information, just let me know.

Any help is much appreciated!


Hello ,

While the other threads you’ve seen are correct in mentioning that this is likely a SDK issue, you may be focusing on the wrong part of that. What SDK version are you using? This is listed under Project Settings > Android SDK. Depending on which type of VR you mean, you’ll need android-19 for Gear VR and android-24 for Daydream. Keep in mind that these SDKs are not automatically installed with Codeworks and may need to be manually installed using the SDK manager at C:\android-sdk-windows (default location)

Thanks for the reply!
So far I´ve been using android-21. Do I have to install those manually as well?
I went for these settings because of this tutorial–> Unreal Engine 4 Mobile VR Tutorial - #01 Android Project Setup - YouTube

I´m going for Daydream VR.

alright, will try and get back to you when i got some results! Do I need to update NDK, ANT and JDK as well?

So i tested it with the android-24 SDK still faiiled to package.
Outputlog is attached.

I can’t vouch for the validity of that tutorial as it is not one that we created, but Daydream requires android-24. Please follow [this documentation][1] for more information.

As for needing to install it manually, it depends on what was installed when you installed codeworks. You can see which ones are installed in the SDK Manager like so:


“warning: F:\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-24\android.jar(java/lang/Object.class): major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler.
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC1)): UnrealBuildTool: [javac] It is recommended that the compiler be upgraded.”

This is likely related to being on 1R4u2. As with all engine versions, it’s best to be using the same Codeworks version as is provided with the engine in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.15\Engine\Extras\AndroidWorks\Win64 folder (default installation path)

In the case of 4.15, this is 1R5. I know you mentioned using it before, but that was while using the incorrect Android SDK version.