Trouble naming my games..

Hi guys. So the title kinda says it all really .I am not a confident person and truth be told. A terrible developer (calling myself that makes me cringe) …So when it comes time to name my games i always get stuck because i either think the name sounds to cheesy terrible or too good to be associated with my games… Almost nobody i know takes my dev seriously …And these days if you tell somebody you are making a game they want to see it and are almost always expecting the next gta 5 since they have no idea of the work involved … Does anybody else experience this and how do you find the confidence to be openly proud about your creations …

It maybe best to resist talking about a new game or discussing new ideas for 6+ months etc.
Wait till it has legs and you know its going somewhere, or you come up with a far better idea. :slight_smile:
As regards game naming. Better to have a dud name but great gameplay during protoyping.
Then hire / befriend some marketing folks when the time comes, and let the experts help out…

Hey Mr. Starfire,

First, you gotta find some confidence in yourself and give yourself more credit. Anyone that sits down and believes in themselves enough to develop any game within the Unreal Engine, or any engine for that matter, has some serious skills and as you continue to master the craft more and more, you’ve gotta appreciate your growth and give yourself credit.

Second, never think a name is too good for your game. Most of the time films and games have ‘working titles’ anyway and they change along the path of development so don’t worry about it. Remember when a little movie called ‘Star Wars’ came out in '77? Everyone thought the name was representative of a corny sci-fi b-movie, but look at it today. Even though its a movie, the point is still the same.

Third, its okay to talk to people about what your working on, but make sure its with people you trust. The real people you trust won’t judge you and they understand the hard work you put into things. If they don’t, than you gotta get with those who do!

Good luck with everything and Trust yourself, you deserve it!

Never use short names give it at least 5 characters, shorter will not be indexed (or rather will be poorly indexed) by search engines.
Always google for name you want give to your game, check for trademarks, or other games with same name.
When you pick name write it down and wait about week or two before doing it official.
Sometimes great ideas after two weeks do not look so great anymore.

Hey thanks guys . Clearly this forum is the best place to come to share my progress etc .Since you guys know what a pain in the backside dev can be … I think i will take your advice and simply hold of telling anyone of my games until i have something solid to show .And thank you for the encouragement its very well appreciated guys …Thank you