trouble moving object to make it like a door

I have what i have been trying in the image. The addforce definitely fires as i can see it as the program runs. but it seems like no matter values i put on the wallforce variable i cant get (“wally”) it won’t move at all. Physics and collision and the standard stuff is enabled. Can someone point out what im doing wrong?

Hello malospam, I have no knowledge yet of UE4 nor blueprints, but a few days ago I was watching the Unreal Tutos and they explained how to blueprint a sliding door.

You can check it there:

I reckon you can adapt that example on yours, like:
Change the starting trigger if you need to press E to open the door
The movement path of the object from sliding to rotate

Its all I can think off regarding your problem.
Hope I could help.

Thanks Raybunny! I watched both sets of videos focused just on blueprints and I didn’t know about this. Thanks again you’re awesome! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

That beginner level creation tutorial suite is very good. Simple and effective. I’ve been following it and learned a ton.