Trouble Getting Consistent Playback With Granulator

Guys, this is amazing, great presentation!

Has anyone tried using the Granular Synthesizer for RPM-driven Vehicles/Engines Sounds? I’m using a 6-second acceleration sample (from min to max RPM) and so far the results are ok, but i’m struggling to get a smooth playback.
These are the settings I’m using so far:

Grain Duration: 150ms
Grains per second: 14
Playback speed: 1
Grain Envelope Type: Hanning
Attack Time: 10ms
Release Time: 10ms
Grain Pitch: 1

I’m using the “Set Playhead Time” function to take the value from the Engine RPM and map it to the playhead position. I’m finding that by reducing the number of grains p/ second, the playback will be choppier and by increasing the number of grains the playback will be smoother but with a few phase-problems (it sounds like the grains are crossfading and producing some phase issues).

Any ideas? I’ll try to post a few clips and screenshots as soon as I have the time.

Here are some screenshots of how I’m setting up the synthesizer values and how it gets played back. I’m also using a load value to play the acceleration sample during on-load only. (Off-load will play a different decelartion sample).
The “print” nodes are used to print the values on-screen during runtime.

Here’s also an audio clip with the engine being played in-game. You can hear an idle loop at the beginning, this plays back when the RPM is below 400RPM. As I had mentioned, the aceleration is sounding a bit “phase-y”. Also, the load value is a bit choppy which is also producing some choppinness during acceleration.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hard to tell what’s happening, for the “phase-y” stuff, you could try giving yourself a longer file to work from and randomizing a bit more with a pitch offset. Like if your sample is a ramp-up, when your playhead plays later, you could offset it with a pitch down. Tough to calibrate though.

I’m also curious about your parameters during frame hitching, what is your framerate like?