Trouble figuring out how to make modular grids inside levels

Hi guys, I’m relatively new to unreal 4 and I’m trying to do something that few tutorials I’ve found touch on. I’m trying to figure out how to make a ship (the player’s ship, for example) get extrapolated from a grid of components, similar to StarDrive, Gymbal, or other ‘ship building’ games. Does anybody know the best way I could do this, or any tutorials or packages I might be able to take a look at that already do this? The UFO Test is helpful for understanding how to do things -outside- the ship, but not inside.


You need C++ for this. Basically for calculating all those voxels and merging them together into single (or bigger) mesh.
You could do some stuff with instanced meshes, but i am sure at some point you will need much more than that.
So only one real way is C++ and nice module that can merge voxels.