Trimming animations inside UE4?


I recently bought a character from to be a bot in my game. When I loaded it on UE4, I noticed that all the animations are just one long animation. Run, walk and so on are all together. My question would be how do I split this animation up into seperate ones, or is there a way to just use specific parts of it without cutting it up? I know I could do it outside UE4, but my MayaLt trial ended and I cant be paying for it atm.

You can do that with a montage -> montage sections: :slight_smile:

But I personally would recommend you to split them up in your 3d program :wink:

Hi Fighter. Is it possible to do it with blender? MAYA out of question atm :slight_smile:

Normally it should work with blender :slight_smile: (dont know if it still works with that way)