Triggers from parent vehicle BP collide with child Vehicle BP

Hi i try do visual damage in my vehicles, and I create many triggers(red capsule and spheres) on perimeter of parent vehicle BP(and i set triggers collide with everything( other vehicles also, because i need create damage from others vehicle) with begin overlap event and do check on every BeginOverlap from collides, but i have a problem ---- so if i control parent Vehicle BP on slow speed all works fine but if i drive very fast some times i get self collide(but only some times), if I use my child Vehicle BP and i drive even slow on speed i always get self collide with child vehicle bp, so i have a question how i can save vehicle collision cheeking with other actors(vehicles) and fix self colliding with SELF vehicle BP?

I do temp fix with compare overlap actor and self actor but its temp solution and i need disable begin overlap with self BP once and for all, its possible?

UPDATE: i think there is a bug, because i try to change collision preset for my colliders triggers to ignore vehicle but its not work and when my vehicle drive all triggers sphere collides with vehicle…

PS maybe there is a batter way to do checking in specific vehicle places feel free to share your way)))

Select all collision shapes in the PhAT (Physics asset tool) by pressing Ctrl+A then on the top you will have “Collision Off” button, this will turn off the collision between the selected shapes.

Hope this answers your question.

thx for reply, I try, but this doesn’t help, after disable collision start be invisible for other physical object… so this method work for me((((

What type of physics object is it set to? Simulated or kinematic?

vehicle wheels set to kinematic, body to Simulated, others parts to default(and i cant change that because vehicle stops work correctly its the MUST for vehicle) like in official tutorial documentation on epic…

here i record video of my problem