Triggering an Opening Cutscene

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Our game has cutscenes. The usual way I trigger these is through special overlap actors that play a Level Sequence. These also have message dispatchers attached to them to do certain things pre/post cutscene etc. [HR][/HR]

We have an ‘opening cutscene’. When the player starts a new game, this cutscene plays, and then input is given to the player.

I use my existing system to do this, spawning the player in the Map directly within a cutscene trigger.

Everything works fine, but it looks terrible.

Sometimes you’ll get a few frames of the player in the level before the cutscene plays.

It would look far better if I could trigger this cutscene straight away, as in:

| New Game Pressed | → | Level Loads | → | Sequencer Plays | → | Input given to player |

instead of

| New Game Pressed | → | Level Loads | → | Collision Detected | → | Sequencer Plays | → | Input given to player | [HR][/HR]

What is the best way of playing this sequencer when a new game starts?

Should I use the options string in OpenLevel to trigger the cutscene instead?

Or is there a better, more Unreal sanctioned way I’m not considering?

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Can anyone think of a better place to ask this question?

On the Level BeginPlay check if the player have to see the cutscene or not. If the trigger is placed in the level you can easily get a reference to it.
Waiting for a collision will definetly need some frames.

Alright - thank you!