Trigger overlap events firing inaccurately.

I have a sprite that fits well within a trigger box but for some reason the triggerbox fires off Overlap Begin and Overlap End whenever I tap a movement key.

If I were to hold my movement key all the way through the triggerbox it registers when I enter and exit correctly. If I were to tap my movement key several times while within the box it will register each tap as an overlap end, then overlap begin.

I’m unsure if this has any impact on it but I do rotate the sprite slightly to go with the hill angle.


Reviving an ancient post because I am having same issue. I’ve seen several post similar to this with no answer, except one that said it was a VR known bug.

But I am doing nothing with VR - in fact the only time this is occuring for me is with an InstancedStaticMeshFoliageComponent.

If I make the same static mesh a regular actor the problem does not occur.

If OP is still around, did you solve it? Or anybody else know what is going on?

Image - See how Begin and End fires every frame:

The blueprint is on the Player Character, and I am using overlap from the Capsule Collider. (note that I am bypassing the branch, so only thing happening is that I print string when overlapping anything. And the every frame action only happens with instanced foliage, not regular actors.)

Almost certainly a bug after I’ve done more testing. I sent a report.