Trigger ActorBeginOverlap and ActorEndOverlap when collision is set to BlockAll

For some reason I cant get ActorBeginOverlap and ActorEndOverlap to trigger when bother the objects are set to “BlockAll”… however it works fine with “OverlapAll”… but that also means that my character wont collide with the mesh (in this case a simple room)… so… am I supposed to do something specciall to get ActorBeginOverlap and ActorEndOverlap to trigger when using “BlockAll” for my two “actors” (one of them is actually not an actor… its just a StaticMesh)… I also would like to be able to know the location of the overlap, since I would like to move a particlesystem to that location.

Any ideas?

Generate Overlap Event is enabled for both the objects by the way…


Hi Inx51,

that does make sense, when both are blocking they’re not going to overlap as they block each other before that happens.
You can set the mesh of your actor to blockAll and the other “non-actor” to also block all and keep overlapall on the collision sphere.

But what is actually the function you want to achieve?
Couldn’t you use OnHit while you have both collision spheres set to BlockAll?