Tried to make a level 3 times!

I’m new at this, I admit it but this seems purpose built to make you go insane. So three times now I’ve tried to make a level of my own after successfully making the Tutorial Office space and all of the work is gone including the Office Space thanks to the editor auto loading and auto saving over my projects with the FPSTemplate. I’m also tired of having to set the same stuff up every single time I load into the editor. I have to snap stuff back into the locations I want them on each new project. You may enjoy having to jump through the same hoops with each project but there are some things I like constant and it would be nice to have the ability to set stuff and never have to worry about a project getting overwritten or having to rearrange things each time. Please for the love of all sanity fix it so I can make the settings permanent.

Hi Werewolf486,

Are you sure the levels been overwritten? If you’ve saved and closed the project with the level assets where you wanted them and you saved your new level this should still be there.

Let’s use the First Person Template as an example.

When you make a new level, save everything, and close the editor it will not open back up to this map. You will need to manually open it. In the “project settings > maps and modes” the default map is already set here when the editor opens.

To locate your level, select the “Game” folder in your Content Browser > Select Filter to the right of that > Select Levels. You should see all created levels here now.

Locate your level and open that.

Let me know if that works.