Tricky indoor/outdoor lighting

I’m trying to make a faithful recreation of a club set in a street. The outdoors is light close to normal daylight lighting and the club interior is meant to be entirely lit by spotlights.

I’m finding that the directional light from outside is lighting up the entire club when I render with preview lighting quality and the directional light as static. By making it movable and making the interior wall metallic it stops being lit, but that’s not an ideal solution.

What can I do here? I’m fairly new to lighting scenes like this. Any good advice? How should I approach my lighting setup?

You just need walls to block the light from coming inside, remember that faces are one-sided so a polygon will not block light if it’s facing the other direction (unless you tell it to).

Hmm. I’m using a static mesh at the moment that’s made out of boxes, so it has outward facing and inward facing surfaces. Would that count or does it need to be a BSP volume?

My walls aren’t all unioned at the moment - they’re just intersecting cubes. Would that make a difference?

Show some screen shoots.

Good idea! Will do when I get home!

Don’t intersect walls, the lighting will bleed from the parts that aren’t visible

So here’s my scene when it looks pretty much correct (I removed the external lighting for this shot):

Here it is with external lighting:

And here it is with the walls booleaned into being a single, non-leaking (except for the door way behind the camera) room:

So sealing most of the volume didn’t help. Hmm. At the worst I could make the outdoors a night-time scene, but there must be a better solution than this. Can I drop a volume that eliminates any lights not within it or something?