Trick around 3d widgets :D , is there a better way? :3

Hey everyone, i’m posting this here because i was going crazy trying to figure this out on my own, thought you all might get a use from it. For me, 3d widgets weren’t working right (no matter what widget interaction component i used or how much edited the player controllers/ pawns). what i did was go into the blueprint that was holding the widget and place box triggers with on courser hover/ on clicked events (setting booleans for each function). then i fed the response to the widget. to change the state of the widget from normal to hovered to clicked, i simply switched the style based on what boollean was triggered in the holder blueprint and walla. the buttons work as if unreal wasn’t giving me a hard time.

i was wondering if anyone else was having problems with 3d widgets and/or anyone has a simpler fix. if anyone requests it, i’d be happy to post my working blueprints up to show more detail.