Trap room Blueprint (Gravity Pull & Door shuts)

How would I create a blueprint where if I shot an object, a linked room would close shut, trapping the player in and opening another room/door sending him/her off to outer space with a strong gravitational pull thus killing the player? This is for my level DM-Abyss for the new Unreal Tournament. Here’s the thread link for DM-Abyss (if you want to see the preview of the trap room):

My inspiration of this trap is similar to ‘Aliens’ ending (Spoiler!) when Ripley opens the space hatch door which leads to outer space pulling everyone in to outer space, the alien queen gets killed by going to space, then the door shuts.
Here’s a video of the scene (Spoiler if you haven’t seen this awesome classic movie!):

Well you would not link a room, unless its a blueprint. You simply interact witht he door blueprints and then use a “Add Impulse” node to launch of the player. If you want to kill the player simply launch him trough a volume wich kills him

I have a room with a redeemer (special weapon), it’s between two doors, one shut and one opened. There’s also a computer panel nearby on the wall. One player can go for the redeemer and another player can shoot the computer panel and the opened door will shut immediately and open the other door sending the poor player off to space and killing him/her instantly.

So far what I have is the whole scene setup and the meshes. I just don’t know where to start, I have played with many blueprint tutorials so far, but I will only call myself a beginner right now. In my level blueprint I have this so far:
Computer Panel and Trap room:
Trap room:
Trap room w/ hatch space door opened:
Level Blueprint: