Transporting to Predetermined Points in Architectural Model on Phone

Hello, I am brand new to UE. My boss has asked me to make the following but after a few weeks of tutorials and searching I cant seem to figure it out so maybe someone here can help.

We have an architectural model that my boss wants our client to be able to explore. What he wants is to send a client a link and then they can open on their phone. In the model, he wants the player to start in a specific point and be able to move their phone around and examine the space by turning around, moving their phone up and down ect. He then wants glowing orbs placed around the model that the client can touch/click on, to transport them to that location, then they look around again, touch another point and so on. He says he has seen this done before in UE and has asked me to learn how to do this.

I have looked through a lot of tutorials about teleportation but couldn’t find anything like what I have described above. I also found this class (…vigation-in-vr) but this seems more in depth into VR and a much higher difficulty than I am currently at.

If anyone can help at all or even point me in the right direction that would be amazing. Thank you