Transparent materials not rendering on imported objects

Hi all,

I’m importing an object from blender into Unreal (5.0.0). When I go to add a transparent material to the imported object it won’t show either colour or transparency. However, when I apply the same material to a basic cube, the material acts as intended.

The imported object was modelled in blender and exported as an .fbx.

The image above shows the cube [left] and imported object [right] in the viewport, both with same material applied. This has encouraged me to believe that there is nothing wrong with the blueprint, but potentially the import. I’m looking for assistance with determining what the issue is here, any support will be much appreciated.

(I am aware that Unreal Engine 5 is in beta, but I do not believe this issue is related, moreso an error in my usage of the software as I am also not overly experienced with Unreal )

Let me know if you require more information to be provided and I’ll comply to the best of my ability


Any ideas would be much appreciated

Hi, can you show as the screenshot of its detail panel?
so the fbx was merged into an actor and then put on the scene?

Have you tried putting the static mesh directly
into the scene and then assign the material?