Transparent area defined by geometry shape

Hi all,

I’m aware of how to create a location-based transparency effect using a sphere mask, material instance, etc. If you’ve made this effect, you’re aware that it relies on the proximity of some moveable, defined geometry, to that of the stationary object to which the material instance is attached. As the moveable object gets closer or overlaps the stationary object, we see the effect.
(this is one of the tutorials I followed - Unreal Engine Dissolve by Location Material Tutorial - YouTube)

However, that effect relies on the world position of the object and not the actual shape of the object.

I’m curious to know if it’s possible to somehow define the shape of the transparency based on the shape of the moveable object. I’ve attached a crappy mockup of what the effect might look like with a humanoid-shaped mesh.

Thanks ahead of time in case anyone has any ideas.

Maybe take a look at render targets.
That could accurately see the characters outline.
And then sampled from the material on the wall to define clipped or transparent region.

Thank you, I’ll look into that!