Transparency with DitherTemporalAA node in VR

I’m trying to follow the recommended technique for simulating transparency in VR without taking a frame rate hit, but I don’t think I’m doing it right. How do I use a DitherTemporalAA node with a material properly for this? Right now I have the scene textures alpha plugged into the DitherTemporalAA nodes input, and the DitherTemporalAA nodes output plugged into “Opacity Mask” on the material, with the material blend mode set to use masks. What am I missing? I’m trying to create grass and foliage using this.

It turns out I was applying the DitherTemporalAA node right, it was more a matter of texture resolutions, material node network complexity, and project settings. After applying all of those changes, the grass renders nicely at a crisp 90 fps!