Transparency on Metahumans?

Is it possible to add transparency to Metahumans? I’ve googled for hours and not found any reference to this question. I need to give my Metahumans a stealth ability which will make them semi-transparent. I already have a Material Function that can do this to existing models, but at least some if not all Metahuman parts are made from Material Instances, not Materials, and I can’t see any way to add a Material Function to an existing Material Instance.

Please does anyone know if this is possible, or some other way to add transparency to Metahumans? I really need help and would be grateful for any input :slight_smile:

Hey, did you figure out how to do this?
I’d like to make my metahumans dematerialise but I can’t get them to become transparent.

Sorry no, I never did. In the end I just made a ‘stealth’ material (transparent, moving waves type look) and switched every metahuman material to this same stealth material, and just switched them back upon unstealthing. I never managed to make the metahuman textures themselves transparent unfortunately, sorry :frowning: I hope you have more luck with finding the answer than I did :slight_smile: Good luck

That’s a nice trick, it might work for me too.