Transluscent don't receives shadow

Hi guys! I trying to get some translucent grass to receive shadows, my light is Directional and Stationary.

Someone can help me out?

Hello Mauro,

So, there are a few things inside of your material that you have to enable in order for translucency to cast shadow.

1.) Make Sure that under the Details > Translucency > Lighting mode it is set to Surface Translucency Volume.
2.) Make sure that Separate Translucency is turned off. This is found in the same section. By default the roll out tab is not rolled out and that’s where this option is found.
3.) Make sure you have a static light to bake the shadow in your scene. That is the only way this works.
4.) Make sure you have your setting set to epic.

This is what I have. I made a box and gave it a translucent material following the above steps. Then I static mesh and built lighting.

make sure you have a reasonable opacity. Too much opacity and this may not be noticeable.

That’s not the problem. We had a problem making the Grass that is Transluscent receive the shadow from other objects and not the grass itself create shadows. If you have any tip. Thanks!

Translucent foliage created using the exact same steps I posted for this answer. The foliage that is translucent is receiving shadows from another object.