Translucent material on foliage. No dynamic shadows from movable light.

Hi! I’m trying to get dynamic shadows on some grass. When I place my grass mesh, with a translucent material, on my ground mesh in the editor I get nice dynamic shadows from my light source (Default Sun). I have checked “Force no precomputed Lighting” in world settings, and also “Cast Translucent Shadows” in the light details.

However, when I drag and drop the same grass mesh with the same material into the foliage painter the foliage instances on the ground cast no shadows. I have checked “Cast Shadows” in the foliage settings. If I change the material to “Masked” the foliage casts shadows. If I change back to translucent and check “Cast Shadow as masked” in the material details, it doesn’t work.

I’m wondering, maybe foliage can’t be translucent and cast shadows at the same time? Or maybe there’s some setting somewhere? Or is it a bug?