Translucent Lighting Problem (Quality Wise)

Hello everyone!

I just decided to work abit on lighting when it comes to translucent materials, but there is something really wrong with it.

Here is a Masked Material’s response to lighting;


You see that the shape of the lighting is circular as it supposed to be. It perfectly fits to the radius of the point light’s radius.

Here is my problem;

When I turn the material of the paper2D to translucent, the lighting becomes kinda square instead of fitting the shape;


From what I searched the way lighting works on translucent is different. Though I was wondering how could I make this square become circular as much as possible? The only way to make it circular is increasing the radius of the point light, but then if I want to make something small like a torch, it becomes meaningless.

I would like to get some help regarding this problem from anyone, even a ittle bit helps. Or maybe there is a way to edit engine files itself? I do not care about the performance as only two actors will be an importance to this.

Thank you for your time and reading!