Translucent decals : strange color problem

Hello everybody !

I made a very simple and straight forward decals of blood splatters.
I have no problem with my “only normal” decals but if I add some color, they are displayed as I want in the material editor but my blood becomes blue when I use the decals in my level :

I put 1 to roughness to eliminate the “sky reflection” factor.
With or without connect the color to emisive channel.
I try to use the Dbuffer system but even if my decals change a bit, my blood still blue.
I rebuild my level.
The blood come from a wild deer, infos taken, he has absolutely no connection with any royal family…

Any idea ?

Edit : I try to change the color in my material but no luck… I can put any color I want, the decals stay blue. It’s something, no ?

Edit and Solution : I’m the stupidest stupid guy in the world ! I use a material instance and forget to uncheck the color parameter… It’s a strange feeling to be happy and ashamed in the same time :wink:

Glad you fixed it. One thing I’d add, though: you have metal set to 1 despite the fact blood isn’t a metal. I’d probably recommend setting that to zero if you want it to look more realistic. Additionally, you don’t need emissive colour unless you actually want the blood to glow as if it’s a light source.

You’re totally right about the emissive channel, I put 1 in it while I make test to find a solution to my so called problem :slight_smile:
But I think that the blood is more dark and have interesting effect with a bit of metallic property (0.2 or 0.3, no more)… I’ll post a picture when I’ll be satisfied if you want ^^.

Sorry about the double post but I can’t upload a new pic by editing a post.

Here’s my almost final blood. There’s 0.2 in metallic channel (!) and 0.3 in roughness.
It’s not very obvious in a still picture but when the camera move, I found it pretty cool.