Translucent and additive materials render black with mobile HDR

Hello there,
I’m trying to use translucency on mobile but when I enable mobile HDR in project settings, translucent and additive materials stop working and the model renders black, with no lighting or transparency at all.
Translucency works fine in editor and mobile preview but as soon as I launch the level on mobile device (we used ASUS T00J with Android 4.3 for testing) it turns black. Any ideas why this is happening?
Thank you!

Mobile supports static directional lights, stationary directional lights, static point lights, and static spot lights - using any other type (read: moveable lights are not supported*) can cause it to render black.

Basically do you have any moveable lights in your scene, or any not listed above? If so remove them and test.

Edit: Just noticed it’s an old question that got bumped, if you sorted it out what was the solution?

any solution?

No solution so far. Apparently this is a rendering issue specific to ZenPhones so everything should work fine on other devices.