Translucency, Reflections, and Tessellation

I’m having an issue with an Unlit Transparent Material with PN Triangles enabled which are causing odd reflections.

I uploaded a video so you can see the issue

My scene is using fully dynamic lighting, no reflection captures except the skylight SLS captured scene

Material Domain: Surface
Blend Mode: Translucent
Shading Model: Unlit
Emissive: 1
Opacity: 1
Tessellation Mult: 1

I tried Fully Rough Enabled and Disabled

PN Triangles and Flat both cause this issue. Turning them off removes the issue.

World Position Offset not being used.

So I was just about to write that I forgot to mention I’m using the SkyAtmosphere as well and figured out that that’s what’s causing the issue. Increasing the Arial Perspective View Distance Scale ( which I already had high ) makes the issue much more apparent.

Not sure if this is an engine limitation or just needs some box checked.