Translation Widget like UDK

There’s one thing that I really miss in UE4 that we had in UDK: the translation widget


the great part about it was that you can make it “Relative” which allows you to move objects with numeric values.
in UE4 there’s simply no proper way to move objects numerically. the only thing that comes close is to putting the increments manually to the Location values, but as soon as you select multiple objects there’s no existing way to move objects numerically.
PS. it was also there for rotating and scaling

ok I just realized UE4 has the Delta Transform: right click an actor (or several) -> Transform -> Delta Transform

but it blocks the rest of the editor (i.e. I can’t keep it open!) and it has **no option for rotation and scale

can we get this widget properly implemented in UE4?

Seconded! Great utility value, helps to organize stuff around with precise values instead of relying on some snapping or such.