Transition between textures

Good day to everyone, I don’t quite understand why this strange effect occurs, drawing with a brush, one texture to another. I tried to set the channel to 60% gray, all textures were downloaded in 8 bit. I will attach a link to the project on Yandex.Disk, you can go to download 2.87 GB.

Here’s a video of the strange effect: Texture flicker effect - YouTube

There are no layers of mesh durgs on top of each other, what gives this strange effect I don’t understand?

That’s Z-Fighting, there’s an issue with your mesh where you have polygon surfaces trying to occupy the same space and so it’s alternating between the two.


Thanks, yes it helped, it turned out that two planes lay on top of each other, the last plane was an instance and were “attached” to each other, because of the intersection of the vertices, a strange overlapping effect of vertices appeared, the Veld tool partially helped to “magnet” half of the vertices. As I understand it is called Z-Fighting?