Transferring existing source into Unreal - Possible??

Alright, I am very new to Unreal and have been working non-stop for the pass 2-3 days to learn some basics. So forgive me if it’s like…: LOL no you can’t do any of that. You can’t do this without that, duh. // Chances are, I didn’t know it.

I know… pretty much little to nothing about C++. I’ve got a source code here, complete with EVERYTHING and ready to go, though, I find Unreal A LOT easier to work with and want to transfer the source to Unreal/work with it in Unreal, it’s created entirely with C++ from the Ogre Engine, a bit out-dated (source I’ve got has been updated a tad, 2013).

I was wondering: Where do I start? Is it even possible to transfer?

P.S: The entire game is just a small mmo, RPG elements. You run around, kill critters and pick up the items they drop and are able to equip them. There are lots of maps, you’re able to chat and click on actions to interact with others as well (such as ‘Dance’, or ‘Laugh’), you can customize the character (by choosing pre-made bodies, heads, tails, and wings… you can fly). That’s pretty much it… got your basic mini-map and what not, no questing, no leveling, no abilities. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right??

  • The Pawn I should also mention would be an animal, as the players play as various types.

Help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. All I want to do is transfer this, so I can freely edit the rest with Unreal.