Transfer Boolean information to an animation blueprint?

Hey everyone, small problem here!

I have a character blueprint set up, based off of the third person setup. What I want is to track when the character is in the air, and when the player hits a command, it will play a new animation.

I have the Boolean (called ‘inair?’ in the character bluepring set up where it activates when the character is in the air, and deactivates when the character is colliding with the floor. Problem is, when I open up the animation blueprint, I don’t know how to transfer that ‘inair?’ boolean from the character blueprint into the animation blueprint.

How would I get that working? Some sort of cast? I’m not too sure.

Updated : Stephen Ellis posted better solution

Hi spybot,

In your AnimBP: drag off from “Try Get Pawn Owner” and do “Cast to [yourcharacter]”, and then drag off the “As [yourcharacter]” pin, and type the variable name to access its get/set options.