Transcluent Material Flickering

Hello, I’m new in UE, and don’t know much about materials etc, so if you can, tell me what would you like to change in possible easy way please.

I try to make water shader with nice depth fade.

So i found some tips how to make water, and it worked okay, but when i wanted to change material into Transcluent and add some Depth fade, then normals dissapeared and made material flickering.
Example(Flickering in second part of video)

And here is my material

Maybe there is another way to achive this effect like in AC Unity(of course i know its hard to achive this effect).

I suspect it could be your normal map textures are just scaled really huge so the panning is like seeing a different random orientation for the whole surface. Do you know for sure the surface has UVs? Usually a Panner is not added to UVs like that, usually the TextureCoordinate node would be plugged into “coordinate” on the panner and the panner would be hooked to the texture directly so maybe something there is also causing it.