Training Stream - The Alan Willard Hour - Oct 13th, 2015

Do you love surprises? We do! Alan is keeping tight-lipped on the topic for this one, but you can be sure it will be informative and useful. Don’t miss out on Alan sharing nuggets of tech-artisty wisdom!

Tuesday, October 13th @ 2:00PM-3:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alan Willard - Sr Dev Rel Technical Artist

Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!

Edit: The YouTube video is now available here](

Gonna be a fun one! :slight_smile:

Will be great one.
1- What would we expect in 4.10 and when?

The cloak of mystery! I can’t wait as I know it will be great with Alan!

Tech Wizardry! =)

The surprise? The “Alan-Willard-Hour” takes 3 hours, non-stop streaming, yeHAAw! :smiley:
Could listen to him all day long!

Is this stream still coming to youtube? I couldn’t find it there… I did find it’s still on twitch at least:

Just wanted to chime in so that people who watch there streams from the youtube channel will not miss this. Alan Willard’s training streams are my personal favorites. :slight_smile:

Hey! Pushing live now, we were waiting on a final piece of info :slight_smile: