Training Livestream - VR Bow and Arrow Tutorial w/ Ryan Brucks - July 12th

Ryan Brucks and Wes Bunn are back with more interactive VR development. In this stream, they’ll be walking you through how to build a functioning Bow and Arrow set that will work with Motion Controllers. Then watch them shoot stuff and explain how to utilize physics in your VR project!

NOTE: We pushed this back from the 5th due to technical difficulties.

Tuesday, July 12th @ 2:00PM Countdown]


Ryan Brucks - Sr Technical Artist
Wes Bunn - Sr Training Content Creator

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oh, hell yeah

I once made an archery demo of VIVE,

but I can’t wait to see the solution of Wes and Ryan’s, really looking forward to that.

Very much looking forward to this.

[Question] This might be a bit unrelated, but is the upcoming “Multi-slice/Multi-view rendering” VR feature on the Trello Roadmap](Trello) going to bring local multiplayer support for VR?

Very much looking forward to how you guys would implement a bow and arrow for VR!

Very cool! Working on a bow and arrow game myself at the moment (using some great art assets from the marketplace).

Bow works just like the one from Valve’s “The Lab - Longbow”.

It is a wave based castle defense game…hope to release on Steam next month. :slight_smile:

I am thrilled about this. I will try my best to watch live so I can comment and ask questions as I am trying to sort out some blueprints for my own SteamVR game using the Vive controllers. The node I seem to stumble in to the most questions (well one really vital question) is the grab component node. I guess I just need a more thorough understanding of that node in particular how to pipe in a component from the static mesh I want to grab without using a raycast to point at it. I want to be able to spawn something in the “hand” and have it grabbed upon spawning but I can’t seem to find a way to define the component to grab as it spawns.
Anyway… maybe the live stream will cover that but I figured it couldn’t hurt to post my question early in case you all see it and can take a minute to cover that. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to watch.
(Oh and I am using physics handles so that the throwing physics will hopefully feel good without resorting to adding an impulse up release.)

It will be 4am in my part of the world, but I think it might be worth the effort.
Sleep is over-rated anyway. :wink:

Sorry we had to change dates on this, we had some pretty bad technical problems just before starting. We’ve rescheduled to the 12th of July.

thanks, i was wondering what happened to this, really looking forward to it.

Will this be in all c++ or blueprints? Also, will you be showing how to setup the project to where you can use the Vive headset in the “standalone” play option and not just the “VR Preview” option?

[QUESTION] You mentioned a problem with the arrow having no collision, can you explain the problem and how you solved it, because I’m getting the same issue.

My problem only happened when I tried to make the Box component (the arrow collision) not the object root. I tried adding another scene component above it in the hierarchy so I could reposition the arrow so that the base of the arrow was located at 0,0,0 but doing that caused all collision to break. I am pretty sure it is due to a code issue so I just removed the scene component and it fixed it.

Again thank you for this livestream. Very informative !

Has this been saved anywhere?
I missed it because I’m an idiot.

Surely you can watch it here, should be uploaded to Epic’s YT channel soon.

@Varkie Here’s the youtube upload: VR Bow & Arrow Tutorial | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Cheers [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION], quick question though. Are there any plans for sharing the project files ?

Yep, they’ll be uploading those as soon as they get the chance to.

Thanks guys, Can’t wait to get away from work to watch this.
I should be getting my vive middle of next week, so this is perfect timing!
Thanks so much for this!