Train, Rail and Roller Coaster System

This is possible, the each carriage can have a parent or a child. Usually you’d set this in the editor, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing this dynamically.
There are also track triggers in the system, so for your setup you’d have your train run over the trigger, and disconnect one of the carriages from the parent.
Then you’d have another trigger that reconnects them.
You’ll probably need a custom trigger, but that’s all straight forward.

Yep, check out the map: movement_smoothing.umap in the maps folder. It shows two trains, one with smoothing and one without.
It works pretty well and you can tune the smoothing depending on what you want.
You could build far more accurate movement functions for splines in UE, but this works well as a general use case for most peoples needs.

Building a coaster I have mirrored a portion of the track, is it possible to reverse the connection points on the track sections so I don’t have to re-build the whole thing?

Hello, I am taking your advice to modify the blueprints to fit my application. However, when I make a copy or a duplicate to have as a working copy, the self reference link breaks and it won’t recompile. Any thoughts?

I have been able to make some additions and modifications to the original but if I make a mistake and want to start over, I have to re-download it from the market place and literally start again.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hey I’m enjoying your package, thanks.
I’m making a HO scale model train game, I’ve managed to scale the trains down and modify settings like the boogie offsets and boogie distances.

It’s working pretty well but I’m having some trouble with the Train Carriages Distance from Parent, it works okay for the first 1-2 carriages, but after 3-4 the distance starts getting screwy. I wonder if there’s some imprecision at this scale?
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Do the cars have separate material slots. I would like to add material for the wheels and for the outside of the car.

Hello super work !!
Is it possible to downsize the rails and wagons?

Hi, PolygonJelly. Very good pack and super easy to create what you want.

I try to create multiplayer game, where main vehicle for all players - trains. But even i limit server tick rate on bogie, and use your option “fixed delta time” on train_carriage i see that, when i’am play 2 or more players the train speed getting slower as if speed depends on frame rate. I’am tested in editor only. What you think about it?

Regrads and thanks for this greate pack, again.

​​​​​Is there already a trigger to stop a train for halting at a train station?


Is “speed” (constant) in unreal units or its km/h ? Thx.

@PolygonJelly Hey, are you still out there? I am having some trouble getting custom meshes implemented. The mesh goes in place fine, and the bogies change direction, but the animations of the bogies wheel spinning will not play no matter what I try. It seems as if WheelSpeed needs to be referenced somewhere in the blueprint as a new thing but I can’t for the life of me find it. Could you help me out here? Thanks.

Hello all, this post seems dead…
However, I would like to know where I can add an event to start an animation? I mean, I would like to start a train by pressing a key on keyboard. I don’t really know how to do that.
And, is there a way to add a “smoothing rate” when using speed trigger? The speed change is very abrupt, it would be nice to be able to control how the system goes from initial speed to triggered speed.

Pretty sure the collision got jacked on the 4.22
The engine bp just moves right through a carriage bp now. Anyone else notice this problem?

Are the tracks for the coasters spline-based? Unlike the train tracks, I don’t seem to be able to extend them.

Here you can see the 4.21 has collision but 4.22 does not. It has lost collision.

Duh. I solved the problem with coasters: just change the mesh in the details panel.

I’m creating a horror ride where the player stays in the car the whole time. I’m struggling with how to set up the camera and player pawn. Can anyone share a step by step method? All of my beginners attempts are failing.

@PolygonJelly I have four 4k maps. I was trying to place it in my maps which will go from one map to another…As the train tracks get longer and longer, it becomes very slow and impossible to move the splines. Is there any tricks of placing them in large maps?

In Details, go into “Build Options” of your BP_TrainTrack and check the “Disable …]” options there. Those are meant to lighten the ConstructionScript during editing (uncheck them when you’re done).


this may be a noob question but would this help me build out a previz VR experience for a theme park ride like the Spaceship Earth at Epcot. If you’ve never seen it( where I can time the cart to audio to move from scene to scene and maybe add a little ride physics in-between? Also does this work with VR? Thanks!

Hello everyone,
I’m desperate to make a minecart game in the Donkey Kong Country’s minecart level style; I am a 3D art director (unfortunately not a coder), I was wondering if anyone could help me to set a “jump” function to the cart of this amazing templapte? This would mean a lot to me. I tried to do it manually but unfortunately it appears to be above my skills.
Thank you so much by advance!