Trademark agreement required?

For the purposes of:

do we still need any explicit permissions or license agreement (other than the basic UE EULA) from Epic?

If you’re not using our logos, you don’t need the trademark license. If you want to include the logos, you need the trademark license. Just listing the required notices does not require a trademark license.

Sorry I don’t know what that means

The icon on the .exe defaults as the ue4 logo, is there a way to change it?

I assume so, yes. But you should ask on a non-legal forum for how to do that.

I’m worried, I released a game using that as the icon for the .exe, and I don’t know how to fill out the forum what do I put in the blank spots?

Hey, does the .exe logo count?

to change the icon and the splash screens you need to go into the project settings, then select platform your developing for and you will be able to change the values there.