Tracing help

Hi everyone,

I’d like a bit of help. I haven’t extensively done any programming with UE4 in about 2 months so my familiarity is off and if someone could help refresh my mind or point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

I’m basically wanting to create a melee action that is a slash in front of the player and anything hit in the slash will take damage. This will be a claw weapon but I more of want the particle effect “slash” to damage the enemies. Because of this I was wanting to do an arc trace in front of the character and overlay it with an effect (down the road regarding the effect). Where can I look to help with creating a horizontal bow arc trace to get all actors in the range of the slash? It is a top down game if that helps at all so the Z axis isn’t going to be considered.

I reviewed the Trace functions that was on the Wiki but I struggled to get it to work properly as I was thinking that maybe it was a version difference that was stopping me.


I’d think the best way (simple and performant) would be to create half a cylinder in a modelling program such as Blender, attach it to your character, make it invisible and when attacking just check if it collides with any actors. You will have to set up the collision so that it collides but does not block anything - see this page for more details: Collision Response Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

I think I understand what you are getting at. I’ll give it a shot and let you know static! :slight_smile: