Trace not generating hit on AI_Character actor.

It appears my line trace is going straight through my AI Character, I use the line trace for instant hit so it isn’t applying any damage. I’ve attached the relevant screenshots. Any ideas what is going on?

Something funky is going on with Trace Single Line By Channel when dealing with actors.

Probably not much help sorry

Hello, i was having the same problem a while ago, and made a thread that got a really helpful reply that got mine working. Here is a link to the answer i think you want…

I think what you want to do (can be seen in the thread) is drag the ‘HitActor’ wire from your hit result and cast to your ‘AICharacter’ blueprint which would have some health variables, and possibly a ‘OnTakeDamage’ function or something so that the health decreases every ‘Hit’. I might be saying it poorly, its better explained in the picture. (In his picture he destroys the actor on one hit, but you could change it to a function that decreases health until it = 0. (Hope that makes sense)
Maybe this may not be necessary for you to get it working, i honestly dont know, just a way that works for me.

I do have it working thanks to user ‘Alexander Paschall’ (Thanks again!), and if you want me upload any pictures of my blueprint (if it helps) then i will.

Hope i was able to help, Sorry if not, i am new to this.

If you’re running a line trace by the visibility channel, make sure your actors actually block the visibility under collision settings. Also, I had a bit of trouble getting the actors that were already placed in the level to update their collision settings so I had to delete them and put new ones in and it worked like it should for me.

Oh wow, it was the visibility channel. I can’t believe I never made that connection from the trace options to the mesh options, I guess that’s what assumptions do for you.

Thanks guys! Setting the visibility to block worked!