Tower Defense Starter Kit

If you’re using the splines to move AI bots, then it would be better to spawn units with sufficient intervals as to avoid collision between units along the same lane. Since you’re using tanks, they won’t have to stop and fire like the ranged AI bots that come with the toolkit. You could just rotate the turret and fire while moving. So that would negate any need to check for collision.

As for collision between units traveling along different lanes as shown in the screenshot, just increase the value of Lane Gap Distance variable in the Enemy Spawn Point actors. This will increase the gap between different lanes.

Stormrage256 thanks. That’s work. Also is any way to path units along hills (i mean change Y axis). I tried to move spline points up and down but no luck?

Glad to hear that it’s fixed.

Sure, if you’re using the spline-based pathing system, you can make the units move along any path you specify. The movement just happens to be locked onto the XY plane by default. You can modify this by making a small change in the BP_Enemy_AI_Parent class as shown below:


You might have to increase the number of spline points and adjust their tangent directions to make sure that the curves are smooth. But otherwise, it should be good to go.


They started going along spline in Y axis but their own axis not changing along spline

UPD: i didi it! Thanks

Awesome. :slight_smile: How did you fix it?

Connected this axis in the same blueprint

Alright, cool. I had not really considered movement along Z direction for the spline-based movement system. Will link this up with the FAQ section. Thanks for the share.

Thank you for your help

Happy to help.

The v2.3 update of Tower Defense Starter Kit has gone live on the Marketplace.

v2.3 Change Log:

  1. Added the option to specify when different types of AI classes will first make their appearance over the course of a level when using the Weighted Wave Spawning System. [Dev Log (shared with the latest FPS Tower Defense Toolkit changes): https://unrealpossibilities.blogspot…dev-log-2.html]

All changes within the blueprints are tagged with the boolean variable ‘Version2_3’ in order to easily identify the alterations made in this update. Comments are also added to describe the major changes.

Hello Stormrage256. How are you.
I’m still trying to make game but my team doing VFX in movies so hard to find time for UE4 :-). But we trying
I have question. Your EnemyAI is characters with skeleton but we want use tanks, cars etc. Is any way to replace characters to cars not trough skeletal mesh? We also need animate parts of our units in UE using blueprints (rotate wheels etc).

can not find where i must make delay for interval increase

Hey there, I’m doing good. How have you been?

Well, there are a couple of approaches that you can take, but that depends on the type of pathing system you’re using. Are you guys using only the spline-based system? Also, your vehicles are static meshes, right?

You can control the spawn intervals through the Wave Spawn Controllers. If you’re using the batched spawning system, this article will explain the different parameters (including spawn interval) that define wave patterns: FPS Tower Defense Toolkit Basics: Batched Wave Spawn Controller. On the other hand, if you’re using the weighted spawning system, you can read up on how to control its spawn interval duration over here: FPS Tower Defense Toolkit Basics: Weighted Wave Spawn Controller

Hello **Stormrage256.
We using spline based because tanks moves better in this way imho. We imported it as static mesh because this is only way to replace character to our mesh

UPD: We started from scratch. Imported our tank and made static mesh in blueprint and will animate wheels here. Now how we can replace enemy character?**

[USER=“816769”]Z PRODUCTION[/USER] Awesome! In that case, you won’t have much work to do. Just head over to the BP_EnemyAI_Parent blueprint and reparent it to the Pawn class, This will remove the default capsule collision, skeletal mesh, and character movement components from the blueprint.

Now add a new collision component of your choice through the components tab and make it the root component. Make sure to set its collision settings to be same as that of the capsule collision from default AI parent blueprint.

Then create child blueprints inheriting from the new parent AI class. Add static mesh components as required to these child classes and make sure to set their collision settings to match the default skeletal mesh component settings. As for the character movement component, you won’t be needing it since your AI relies on spline-based paths.

Stormrage256 Hello. Thanks.
So i made like you wrote and seems all correct, checked it couple times. But when i start game i can not see any spawned objects.

Since we can see the health bars, the bots are being spawned. So it might just be an issue with the meshes. Could you share screenshots of the new AI parent and child blueprints?

here is it

Well, have you added static mesh components to all your child AI BPs? If you have, try increasing the scale of the static mesh and raising its z offset to be above the box. I just want to make sure that it’s not under the floor mesh.