Touch top-down camera controls(swiping, zoom)?

I’m new to working with Android in BP and I’m hoping to create camera controls similar to Pokemon GO, in the sense that pressing, holding, and moving left/right will rotate the camera left/right. And double touch with fingers moving away would zoom out, and moving closer would zoom in.

I’ve done similar things for mouse and keyboard, but I’m not sure what blueprints I’d need to use for the touch events, or if the double touch is even possible with BP in UE4.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


for the beginning maybe this stuff here is helpful:

double tab tut:

touch orbit arround third person controller:
zoom in and out third person controller:
UE4 #3 Improved Camera control with Zoom In and Zoom out - YouTube

simple swipe detect:


best regards sim on

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks :slight_smile: