Touch to zoom and turn around an object.

Hi everybody !

I would like to create a little scene where I can turn around an object (what I did using a Spring Arm Component) for that no problem for touch but I would like to use touch pinch to zoom in and zoom out the object. But using the pinch event I didn’t manage to make it. I tried using the Mobile Touch Navigation Blueprint on the Marketplace but it didn’t work well, the worst is that when I delete the tap to move to location there isn’t any touch working anymore.
I made the zoom in and out working with the mouse with that blueprint :

But how can I get this working with touch?

Thanks in advance


Up I’m still stuck :frowning:



I’m adding these image of my blueprint
But modifying some things I can have the two variable (distance 1 & 2) having a value but only the same one.
Here distance 2 doesn’t event exist :frowning:
What am I missing here?