Touch Screen FPS - Getting Movement Rotation

Hi Everyone,

I’m creating a First Person control scheme for touch screens with the usual tap to move, swipe to look.

I’d like to be able to blend between the current look direction to the current movement direction if you move, and then stop that auto turn if you then begin swiping.

The movement is made using a ‘Simple Move To Location’ node in the Character BP.

HOWEVER, I cannot find any way in BPs of detecting which way the actor is currently moving in. Both Controller and Character rotation are pointing in the direction the camera is facing. I would expect the latter to do that, but not the former.

I know I could blend to look at the current move destination, but this mean the character wouldn’t look ahead if moving in any direction other than directly towards the destination.

Does anyone know how I can do what I’m looking for?

Thanks :slight_smile: